Custom Designs

Custom Design Request Form

Here at Personalised Chopping Boards, we offer custom designs at no additional charge! The pricing on our website is dependent on the board chosen, which already includes a flat engraving fee. Once your request is submitted, we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) with artwork and a mockup, and you can make as many changes as you'd like to the artwork until we get it right!

To begin, see images of our boards below that are currently in stock, to help you choose the right board to suit your budget and needs:

Large Round Cheeseboard (40cm x 40cm + 10cm handle) - $119.95

Personalised Custom Round Cheeseboard

Australian Serving Board / Spotted Gum (Silver or Black Handles) (40cm x 19cm) - $110.00

Extra Large Mango Wood Cheeseboard (50cm x 50cm + 9cm handle) - $139.95

Personalised Custom Mango Wood Cheeseboard

Olivewood Cheeseboard (Approx. 33cm x 15cm) - $69.95

Personalised Custom Olivewood Cheeseboard

Rectangle Chopping Board (51cm x 35.5cm) - $124.95

Personalised Custom Rectangle Chopping Board

Medium Chopping Board (35cm x 25cm) - $74.95

Master Chop Chopping Board (48cm x 36cm x 5cm deep) - $225.00

Personalised Custom Master Chop Chopping Board

Mango Wood Chopping Board (33cm x 28cm + 5cm handle) - $89.95

Personalised Custom Mango Wood Chopping Board

Australian Serving Board / Blue Gum (Silver or Black Handles) (40cm x 19cm) - $110.00

Personalised Custom Australian Serving Board

Next, fill in the form below, entering your name and email address, and select your desired board from the 'Choose Your Board" dropdown list.

In the design details section, please provide a detailed description of the design you require - the more details, the better! Uploading an image can help tremendously when putting your design together, for example, a small sketch of your design, a website image of a similar design, a logo or an embellishment you'd like (i.e. a wreath vector, bbq clipart, etc).

For any queries relating to custom designs or this form, please don't hesitate to contact our team by emailing or by phoning (02) 6025 6765.