Resin Filled Engravings

Resin is a composite blend that can be coloured and moulded into your engraved design! The end result is similar in consistency to polymer, and gives you a solid, shiny and slightly glittered appearance, which is both food safe and adds an extra bit of pizzazz to your board. The resin also sits flush with the board which is a great option for boards that plan on being used frequently to maintain the personalisation.

– Resin fillings do not apply to the message on the back of the board if selected. It is for the front design only.

Resin boards can take up to 3 days turnaround time. Please allow additional time if selecting resin.

– Timber is a porous material, and as such, a small amount of resin bleed in the grain may occur.


Resin filling costs $20.00 and is offered in Diamond Black, Pearl White, Glittered Gold, Metallic Bronze, Lava Orange, Galaxy Purple, Emerald Green & Electric Blue.



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