2 Piece Cheese Knife Set in Light Horn


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Packaged in a wooden box, this 2 Piece Cheese Knife Set in Light Horn is the perfect complementing gift.

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2 Piece Cheese Knife Set in Light Horn

Are you looking to take your personalised cheeseboard or chopping board from ‘Wow’ to ‘Fabulous’? Why not vamp up your gift with a 2 Piece Cheese Knife Set in Light Horn! This 2 piece set comes with a  regular cheese knife as well a mini cheese knife – sleek, stylish and practical!


Part of the Jean Dubost range and featuring the famous Lagouile marking, these cheese knife sets are manufactured in the Thiers region of France. The blades of each piece are stamped, ground and polished with over 25 manual production stages, including hand polishing of the handle, blade and back of the knife. Packaged in a wooden gift box, this 2 Piece Cheese Knife Set in Light Horn is the perfect complementing gift.

Made From

The knife itself is made from a polished, unique blend of metal alloy, while the acrylic handles are made from high tech ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

Care Instructions

The knives included in this set are dishwasher safe, however only with the use of dishwashing liquid. Abrasive dishwashing powders may dull the bright colours. For the longest possible life span of your cheese knife set, we recommended hand washing.


The regular cheese knife in this set measures 23cm long, and the mini cheese knife measures 13 cm long.

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